Importing Custom Fields From QuickBooks to SalesPad ERP

The ability for a user to easily extend functionality for a business solution is always handy. SalesPad ERP offers several means of extending functionality, with the easiest means being User Defined Fields, or UDFs.

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Credit Limits and Customer Aging in Workflow

Responding to customers based on their financial situation with your company is vital to maintaining consistent operations.

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Workflow Rules — Sequence Matters

If you've ever been in the workflow setup in SalesPad Desktop, you have likely seen that there are two sections you spend the most of your time in; the workflow queues section in the top half of the screen and the workflow rules in the bottom half.

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Business Process — Workflow

It never fails that the first thing I need to cover with a company is their process, or their workflow.

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Are You Doing Big Data in Your Small Business?

Employees are busy and your customers are buying.

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Workflow Rule Condition — Sales Doc Field

SalesPad Desktop's Sales Doc Field workflow condition is a built-in workflow rule condition that allows you to do a logical evaluation based on a sales document field as you forward a document through workflow.

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Custom Workflow Rules

SalesPad Desktop offers a variety of built-in workflow rules through the Workflow setup module that allows you to create logic and flag documents based on your business needs.

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4 Ways SalesPad Mobile Can Improve Your Sales Process

Here are four simple ways that SalesPad Mobile can improve your sales process both in and out of the office:

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Time to leave QuickBooks for another accounting system?

You started a business a while back with a dream of putting your passion to work for you, your family, and community.

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How Flexible Is Your Credit Card Processing Solution?

Credit card processing solutions are often tied to a specific set of functionalities or a single payment gateway.

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