Make Changes to Software With Feature Requests

Anyone who uses software on a daily basis can probably give you a list of "features" that frustrate them.

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Handling Back Orders with SalesPad Workflow

Almost every company will deal with out-of-stock inventory at some time, and depending on your process for handling these shortages, you'll most likely be seeing a backorder at least occasionally.

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Move, Enhance, or Import Company Data Using SSIS

While working at SalesPad, I’ve witnessed multiple businesses encounter a situation that made it necessary to transfer and/or modify company data.

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Challenges of a CRM and How to Avoid Them

Common mistakes for customer relationship management entries begin with the creator of the notes not following a prescribed process.

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CRM System For Your Mobile Device

Everyone tries to live by the K.I.S. method: Keep it simple.

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What Constitutes a Good Entry for CRM Interactions?

It’s all too easy for a salesperson to fall into short-hand and have codes or initials that mean something only to them.

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Importing and Exporting Workflow in SalesPad

We get a lot of questions related to workflow setup here at SalesPad, and that makes sense with all the options available in our SalesPad GP workflow setup.

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Importing Data from Excel

Whether you are starting a new company in  Great Plains and SalesPad Desktop, or just updating your current data in the system, you often have to face the stress of manually entering all those records in Microsoft Dynamics GP one by one.

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Importing Custom Fields From QuickBooks to SalesPad ERP

The ability for a user to easily extend functionality for a business solution is always handy. SalesPad ERP offers several means of extending functionality, with the easiest means being User Defined Fields, or UDFs.

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Credit Limits and Customer Aging in Workflow

Responding to customers based on their financial situation with your company is vital to maintaining consistent operations.

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