Are You Doing Big Data in Your Small Business?

Employees are busy and your customers are buying.

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Workflow Rule Condition — Sales Doc Field

SalesPad Desktop's Sales Doc Field workflow condition is a built-in workflow rule condition that allows you to do a logical evaluation based on a sales document field as you forward a document through workflow.

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Custom Workflow Rules

SalesPad Desktop offers a variety of built-in workflow rules through the Workflow setup module that allows you to create logic and flag documents based on your business needs.

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4 Ways SalesPad Mobile Can Improve Your Sales Process

Here are four simple ways that SalesPad Mobile can improve your sales process both in and out of the office:

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More Than 100 Microsoft Dynamics GP Companies and Partners Unite at SalesPad PANELS

For the first time, SalesPad, LLC, and Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and users will come together in Grand Rapids.

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Time to leave QuickBooks for another accounting system?

You started a business a while back with a dream of putting your passion to work for you, your family, and community.

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How Flexible Is Your Credit Card Processing Solution?

Credit card processing solutions are often tied to a specific set of functionalities or a single payment gateway.

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Auto-Forwarding Queues in SalesPad Desktop Workflow

Auto-forwarding queues are steps in SalesPad Desktop's Workflow where additional rules or process plugins can be applied to a document without needing the user to manually forward the document.

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SMBs Can Flourish With The Right Technology Investments

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have many natural advantages to more complex organizations; however, they tend to have fewer resources.

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How Much Profit Per Order Do You Make?

At the most basic level, your profit per order is the cost of goods sold subtracted from your selling price. However, that leaves many costs out of the equation.

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